Friday, May 21, 2010

Day __?

I'm pretty far behind on posting. I'll just give you guys a dry summary (similar to a wet summary):

Largely Finished (i.e. everything minus finishing touches on):
-Sam's Acoustic Guitaring

Now here are pictures.

Daniel helping us adjust tempo:

My award winning posture and half of Sam's face:

CHEAPO VOCAL RIG, alongside Catherine's decorating:

Empty sessions soon to be full of sound:

More CatWalk decorating:

Sam and Robert tearing it up soulfully, slowly:

That's all for now. Vocals start today. Woop!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 1: Extreme Room Makeover

Stephen and I (and Sam) had to accomplish quite a bit yesterday -- we relocated/rebuild/ all our equipment to a separate room since the A/C in the larger room was largely irreparable. You can check out the fruits of our labor with a very quick ditty I recorded in the isolation booth with no Equalization (just light compression and reverb).

Here's the room, including the isolation booth. It is much smaller than it looks (heh):

iso booth


my (relatively) cheapo rig

a place to sit--very necessary

More to come soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

the first day

Welcome to the Static Studio blog. I am Nathan Walker, and I have bigger hands than you.

Here we will follow the various recordings I do over the next while, featuring Samantha Crowder's up and coming EP and a later TBA EP.

Today, my long-time collaborator and bandmate Stephen Smith helped clear out our recording space (for Sam's EP) and largely built a new isolation booth! Here's a tour of what we did:

Thanks for stickin' around! More posting in a weekish.

-Nathan (and Stephen)